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Our Retail Partners logo - Consumer and fleet electronics focused on GPS related technology. Products from Garmin, Geotab, Nextraq, Magellan, iMetrik and other automotive, GPS tracking and telematics industries. Call 813-600-1738. logo

Fleetistics - Live GPS tracking and telematics for commercial trucks, cars and vans. Improve accountability, efficiency, profitability, and productivity. Free trial available. Call 877-467-0326.

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FuelMaxx - Fuel saving technologies bundled to provide the maximum savings for trucking fleets. Fleets are guaranteed a 15% savings and a no cost demonstration is offered. Install the equipment and don't pay for 30 days. Use the savings to pay for the system and put the rest in your pocket. Call (800) 914-5571.

Vehicle Installers assists GPS tracking installers and mobile electronic installers work toward fleet management.