About Our Installer Network

Thank you for your interest in joining our network of installation professionals. There are few places in the aftermarket automotive installation industry where you can be exposed to so many potential customers. Whether you work locally or nationally, getting "found" is key to your success. We handle single installation jobs, to large installation deployment projects covering multiple states and many locations.

When an installation job is identified in your area, we will contact the closest installer in good standing or the preferred installed identified by the customer to share the job details with you and to get a quote. If you accept the job we'll coordinate the details with the customer and you will invoice VI.com for the amount listed on the work order. Everything is done in writing so there is a minimal amount of confusion. VI will also provide you detailed information on the time, date, location, contacts, devices, etc to be installed.

We're bringing you a new job and handling all the coordination and details so your team can continue to stay productive doing installations. You continue to make the majority of the money and we don't press you for super low rates like other installer networks, it is a win-win. If the customer rejects your price, we simply move to the next installer in the area. We will conduct a quality assurance call after the installation to ensure the customer is satisfied. When the customer says how great your service was, we'll bill the customer and pay your invoice. You don't have collection issues and we generally pay Net 15 for typical jobs.

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Things to know

  1. Installers and customers have a direct relationship
    • a. Installer bills VehicleInstallers.com when customer is satisfied
    • b. Installer has no collection or lingering administrative issues
  2. VI is providing a referral service, project coordination and administration for installer
  3. All workmanship must be warranted for a minimum of 90 days
  4. We do not alter ratings and reviews from customers
  5. Only do the work listed on the work order
  6. Installers attempting to "beat the system" will be unlisted

More Money

When you work with a referral service like several other installer networks online, you realize two things.

  1. As a member of VehicleInstallers.com you get to set the rates. You are responsible for good customer service and good workmanship. For this you deserve to make more money. Other referral networks take $50 of the profit and you do 100% of the work. We add a small fee to yours so you make more money. If your fee is too high for the customer, we get more bids.
  2. Other referral networks "cherry pick" the best deals for their "pro team". VehicleInstallers.com is a project management service and does not focus on direct installation services.

We are all in business to make money but at the end of the day you are the one laying on the dirty floorboards in freezing weather. Our system provides an environment so all three parties get good value for the service; we create a win-win-win. (Customer, VehicleInstallers.com, Installer).

As a member of VehicleInstallers.com you get to set the rates. You are being told what to charge or how to resolve an issue. You are responsible for good customer service and good workmanship. For this you deserve to make more money.

We Bring You Hot Leads!

Do the math. What would it cost you to get a lead like VI.com provides considering the cost of online pay-per-click advertising at thousands monthly to get just a few leads? Would this lead even generate a sale? With VehicleInstallers.com we bring you hot leads at no cost to you! We'll help you close sales and you aren't even paying a sales salary or commission. The cost of a decent sales representative will be about $35,000 per year plus commission; all that goes away with VI.com. We incur the expense of marketing, sales and project management for you; you simply do the work and invoice VehicleInstallers.com. Hopefully you realize the value in this service and provide competitive rates for the installation work. Don't miss your shot at fleet installation work or consistent local car audio installation services.

Vehicle Installers make the installation process faster and more efficient. Submit your information above to start the process or give us a call.

Vehicle Installers assists GPS tracking installers and mobile electronic installers work toward fleet management.