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Focused Visitors

Visitors on our website are only here for one reason, to find services from companies such as yours. Since we don't sell other products or services and our website has the sole purpose of matching buyers to members; visitors either search for service providers or realize the search engine provided an erroneous search result and leave.

The website stats show visitors view almost 3 pages per visit and find what they are looking for in about 2.5 minutes. This shows visitors search zip codes on the index page, viewing the search return and then view a members contact information.

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More Money

When you work with a referral service like several other installer networks online, you realize two things.

  1. they have to charge customers more to make money
  2. they tend to pay you less

We are all in business to make money but at the end of the day you are the one laying on the dirty floorboards in freezing weather.

As a member of you get to set the rates. You are not being told what to charge or how to resolve an issue. You are responsible for good customer service and good workmanship. For this you deserve to make more more money.

Car audio installation tools

Large Return on Investment

Do the math. The cost of an annual membership is very low and your potential payback very high. If you were to receive just two service calls per year from your membership you are making money. If you invest in becoming a Preferred Installer, advertise or get a Featured Listing, your chances of getting fleet work increase dramatically and your ROI skyrockets.

We have members land 100+ vehicle fleet GPS installation jobs on a regular basis. If you want to compete for these types of jobs you need to be found online. Getting your website to the top of the search engine results is extremely expensive, requires regular work and being Internet savvy. Do you have the time or are you in the field getting the job done?

Vehicle Installers assists GPS tracking installers and mobile electronic installers work toward fleet management.